Going the Extra Mile….All the Way to the Dressing Room

I recently shopped at the Vanilty Fair Outlet in
Reading.  Unlike other outlets, they
actually have quite a selection of jeans – you can get short, petite, medium,
tall and extra tall in just about every size. 
And they are located in the old factories, so it’s a great reuse of
space, rather than putting up a new building. I like that.

I don’t go shopping much these days …I’ll blame that on my
lifelong friend, Paula.  I think we used
up our entire shopping quota in our 20s. 
But this spring day found me trying on several tops and jeans and I left
with a bagful because Tuesdays are senior days and (GASP!) the clerk assumed I
was over 55. 

 Oh well, it was worth it to save an extra 10%!
When I got home, I realized that I was only wearing one
earring.  A quick search of the car
proved that I had probably lost it somewhere at the outlet.  I thought it was hopeless, but called
anyway…to ask if I could talk to someone in the Lost and Found Department. Much
to my surprise, the woman that answered the phone offered to help me.  She said that there was no earring turned in
that day but she would be happy to look in the dressing room for me.  Wow!  I
used the same dressing room several times, so I was able to direct her to the
correct one…and she found my earring lying on the floor.
I was impressed by Allyssa’s patience and willingness to
drop what she was doing to help me.  What
great customer service….and a wonderful reminder  of how we should all treat each other, by
taking the time to listen and help one another.
Good customer service is hard to find… especially in today’s
fast-paced multi-tasking workforce. It deserves to be acknowledged.  So I asked Alysssa for her supervisor’s email
and send off a letter that I hoped would become part of her file.
Customer service is an attitude, a courtesy, a better way of
treating folks…and it can become contagious. It doesn’t matter what the job –
if you have a person that is happy and sets a good example, chances are the
folks around her or him will pick up the attitude as well.  And customers then feel better too.  So the next time someone goes out of their way
to make your meal/experience/vacation better, be sure to thank them and pass
that kindness along.
Most people don’t’ expect to be rewarded…which makes it even
more gratifying to acknowledge their courteous and giving spirit. We all
welcome a “pat on the back” – it just makes us feel good. Here at The Artist’sInn, a 5-star review on Trip Advisor or Google makes our hearts beat fast!

Good customer service is something that we strive for at The
Artist’s Inn.  Although we don’t have
dressing rooms, we’ll try to go the extra mile too!

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