Pansy Mania in Lancaster County 

It's been a long winter.  So the first windy day of 65 degrees swept me into a greenhouse oasis filled with spring.   Black Creek Greenhouse is about ten minutes from The Artist's Inn and Gallery.  There were flowers everywhere, but I knew that it was a little too early to plant anything but pansies.  No problem - […]

Spinach and Quinoa Salad 

Our friend and neighbor, Kathy, brought this salad to our annual New Year's Eve Party at The Artist's Inn.  I promised to share the recipe!  It was quite yummy and pretty healthy.  Hope you like it! Salad 1 cup quinoa (or orzo pasta) 4 - 6 oz. baby spinach (cut up) 1/3 cup oil packed […]

Christmas at American Music Theatre 

If the recent snow hasn’t put you in the mood for Christmas, then head to American Music Theatre.  Their production of The First NoelWILL! Jam-packed with songs and dance, it also doesn’t forget the real meaning of Christmas.  The sets are breathtakingly beautiful and, when the cast dances down the aisle, you’ll feel like you’re […]

Broadway Runs Through Lancaster County 

I love the shows at American Music Theatre (on Route 30 in Lancaster).  There’s always so much energy on stage–and I swear those dancers and singers actually work even harder than I do!  If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t miss Broadway, Now and Forever.  Songs from your favorite shows that you’ve seen on Broadway […]

The Best Way to See the USA, According to the Red Chair 

It has often been said that the best way to explore an area is to take the road less traveled, seek out some hidden gems and get to know the locals. Sound like good advice?  Yep – even if it is coming from a new source....a chair. A red chair. The Red Chair. The chair’s humble […]

Let’s All Scream for Ice Cream in Lancaster County! 

July is National Ice Cream Month.  What better excuse for exploring ice cream parlors in Lancaster County.   And, in my opinion, the best tasting ice cream is the kind made from scratch by small, local businesses.   Yes, Friendly’s and Ritas and Baskin Robbins dot the landscape throughout much of the U.S.  We’ve all been to […]

The Signs of Lancaster County 

  Ever feel like you are bombarded with signs or advertising?  Click on a website and there’s a video about THE secret formula for losing weight, drive down the road and there’s a sign flashing your speed for the entire world to see.  Gosh, you can’t even look up the weather without being forced to […]

Really Easy Apple Pie Squares 

This recipe was given to me a long time ago by someone.  I can't even remember who they were - that's how long ago!!!  But it is super easy and I think you may like it. Really Easy Apple Pie Squares 1 3/4 cups sugar 1 cup oil 3 eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla 1 cup […]

Old Advice for a New Year 

It’s January – the month of diets, resolutions, exercise and much too much quiet after the holidays.  It seems a good time to offer up some of the advice from my childhood. I grew up in the ‘burbs of Cleveland, home of many nationalities, especially from Eastern Europe.  Both my parents were of Polish decent […]