Pear and Cherry Bread 

This is a pretty hearty bread - it has more fruit than dough. First, find yourself a pear tree.  Luckily, we have one in the back yard behind the inn.  Next - find someone tall enough (or use a ladder) to pick the harvest. In our case, that was Bruce.  Even with a tall ladder, […]

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Remembering a friend and a boss…..Sam Siciliano 

It was my first day at a new job… at headquarters for The Asbury Park Press.  I had made it almost until lunch when I heard my boss’s thunderous yell from the cubicle next to mine:  “Hey, Witkowski, got any plans for lunch?” I was totally embarrassed, but everyone else seemed to be so used […]

Going the Extra Mile….All the Way to the Dressing Room 

I recently shopped at the Vanilty Fair Outlet in Reading.  Unlike other outlets, they actually have quite a selection of jeans – you can get short, petite, medium, tall and extra tall in just about every size.  And they are located in the old factories, so it’s a great reuse of space, rather than putting […]

Sweet Street Cafe 

You have probably tried their desserts.  After all, Sweet Street desserts are featured by restaurants in over 60 countries.  They are as creative as they are yummy.  This local success story takes place in Reading - only about half an hour from the inn.  Last fall, they opened a café.  Café Sweet Street.  It's only open for breakfast […]

Just in time for Valentine’s Day.. 

What would winter be like without chocolate?  Or spring, summer or fall?  We'll be serving these Ganache Filled Brown Sugar Bars at the inn all month. The recipe first appeared in the1995 edition of Food and Wine.  We hope you enjoy them here....or at home! Ganache Filled Brown Sugar Bars1/2 cup heavy cream1/2 pound bittersweet chocolate, […]

Back to School…or Maybe Recess! 

It doesn't matter in which direction you drive.  Once you leave Terre Hill, you're bound to pass by a one-room schoolhouse.  You can usually tell the percentage of old-order Amish and Mennonite kids attending these schools by the number of bikes (Mennonite) or scooters (Amish) parked outside.And it doesn't matter what time of the day you […]

Melon Mania in Lancaster County 

It's been a great summer for eating.  And there's nothing sweeter than Lancaster County melons.   Farms stands and the local produce auction are exploding with several kinds of watermelons, honeydew, cantaloupes, canary melons favorite - honeylopes.  They are a cross between a honeydew and a cantaloupe. So, whether you're ready to buy one, a dozen, […]

Yes, You CAN Zip Line in Lancaster County! 

 Even if you aren't particularly fond of heights - as in the case of my husband, Bruce. The guides will handle all the hooking and unhooking  And then you are free to fly between the trees! They will teach you how to slow down, hang upside down or free fall.   Or to just enjoy the ride. Family and friends can watch […]

Need a Broom? Head to Lancaster County! 

How about a rug?  Need any of those?I discovered a place this week that has a nice variety of both.  And they are all made in America.  In fact, they are hand made right here in Lancaster County by the Amish.Here's a peek inside the shop area where the brooms are "born":  There are all sorts of […]