Stress Relief 

We recently had guests from Istanbul, Turkey. Each morning that they were here, Charles was up and out before I had the table set for breakfast, catching the great morning light. He was trying out a new camera that he had purchased in New York City and I could tell it was going to take […]


Lancaster County Wine Camp is now history - from September 14 through the 16th, a good time was had by all. It all started on the porch of The Artist's Inn with plenty to eat and a chocolate/wine pairing by our friend, Selina Man. She took one look at our new kitten and said she […]

My New Office Assistant 

Seems I always end up writing on Saturday nights. Bruce is usually away at a show, guests have arrived and are out to dinner, I set my menus and then try to prep for breakfast and checkouts. It's one of my favorite times - when I try to unwind and settle things before turning in […]

Getting Ready for Wine Camp 

Last week, we set out to do some final research for our first-ever Wine Camp - to be held Sunday, September 14 through Tuesday, September 16. We'll be exploring two regions - Lehigh Valley and Brandywine, as well as enjoying hors d'oeurves on the porch Sunday evening to kick off the event. Selena Man, from […]

A Tribute to Pongo 

Most of you don't know, but we lost our beloved cat, Pongo, last month. He had some tests done and made it through with flying colors. The tests had shown great results and then, suddenly the next day, he must have had a delayed reaction to the anesthesia --and although I rushed him to the […]


Some guests come and go and need their time alone. Other guests we'll get to know a little more....Abbee and Kevin have been visiting since 2001 every year for Labor Day and we were thrilled that this year they celebrated their honeymoon with us! Congratulations and we wish you many years of happiness together. Celebrations […]

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Way Too Many Tomatoes! 

It's late August...the farmers are busy harvesting the last of the corn, tobacco and peaches....but those tomatoes are still going strong. I bought a 25-lb. box of plum tomatoes at a local farm on Friday for $3.00. That is not a typo. So far I've made a huge batch of sauce, served tomatoes two mornings […]

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Welcome to Our World! 

Bruce and I have long talked about putting up a blog. So, here it is Saturday night of Labor Day weekend. He sits at a show in Pittsburgh and I'm at the inn thinking that this is as good a time as any to start down this unknown road. We own a three-room bed and […]