Christmas in Lancaster County 

It's the most wonderful time of the year to be in Lancaster County, especially in Terre Hill! The church bells across the street from the inn play Christmas carols, our neighbor's wood stove gives off great smells and carolers just paid a visit. Bruce and I are putting the finishing touches on the last batch […]

Feeling Quite Secure…. 

Sooooooooo Bruce's credit card company calls him and threatens to revoke his merchant account because all of a sudden our computer is not "secure". Seems we keep failing Security Metric's little online test. This becomes my project as I spent countless hours on the phone with our internet provider, wireless router company, Security Metrics, and […]

house, inn, garden, bush, tree, blue sky

Thank You, Thank You Very Much 

As Thanksgiving approaches, we are reminded how much we have to be thankful for. So many of our guests visit us while they are celebrating - birthdays, anniversaries, time together, raises, promotions, successful surgeries, retirement, end of treatments. We also have had several that have shared that the trip to Lancaster County might be their […]

house, inn, garden, bush, tree, blue sky

A Wonderful Way To Start Each Day 

My favorite way to begin each day in Lancaster County is with a 2-3 mile walk through the countryside, just after dawn. I can step outside of Terre Hill in any direction and find myself surrounded by farmland (and cows). Having Old Amish and Mennonites as neighbors is truly a blessing. The quiet, uncluttered lifestyle […]

Dancing in the Streets 

Fall in Lancaster County is perhaps the most beautiful time of the year. There's frost on the pumpkins, a chill in the air and the leaves are putting on a show of their own. Our grand old lady behind the inn (a Norway Maple about 150 years old) provides plenty of leaves for our back […]

The Secret Life of a Published Artist 

Several weeks late, several false delivery times, and after mistakenly being trucked to Long Island, Bruce's Garrabrandt's coffee table book, Cattle Drive (And 153 Other Random Acts of Artistic Nonsense) has finally arrived at the inn. Of course, it was another "drop ship" arrangement. That means that the semi slows down just enough for you […]

And Then There Were Four 

8:45 a.m., September 24, at the breakfast table of The Artist's Inn - there's six guests eating and talking and a mournful cry comes from the windowbox outside....first one window and then the other. We investigate and find a kitten - about 4 months old who looks amazingly like our neighbor's cat Mittens. He demands […]


Lancaster County has the richest non-irrigated soil in the country, so we grow a lot of food. But I suspect the farmers here have some fun when they plant pumpkins - I have never seen so many different varieties. So, if you think they have to be orange, come with me today as I visit […]

In Search of Grapes 

The time has come to work on our new website and for that we need pictures of the two tour coordinators, Carl and me. Did we think of this two weeks prior when we were at wine camp and there would be plenty of people who could have easily taken a quick picture? Noooooo. So […]