In Lancaster It’s Fasnachts 

Soon it will be Lent. That means that between now and (especially on) Fat Tuesday, February 24, Americans all around the country are gearing up to chow down. In Parma Heights, Ohio, where I grew up, the food of choice before the fasting of Lent was a Polish donut called a Paczki (pronounced puunch-keys). You […]

The new Cat 

Some of our favorite guests stayed with us a few weeks ago and brought us a present. A new cat. You would have thought that we had enough of the four-legged variety but this one is different – it doesn’t need attention or to be fed, but still looks adorable and has found a spot […]

“My Kind of Town” 

Do those words remind you of a song perhaps? Frank Sinatra recorded it in the 60’s, about Chicago. Although Bruce is a huge fan of Ole’ Blue Eyes, I don’t often have Sinatra songs stuck in my head. But this one came to mind last night as I drove home from a Terre Hill Days […]

A visit to Wertz Candy Shop 

It was snowing as I drove down the one-way street in downtown Lebanon, PA. I managed to parallel park the car (on the left side of the street no less), squish through a foot of slushy snow, plug the meter, and headed for Wertz Candy Shop. I opened the door and was instantly transported back […]

“Have You Ever Seen An Amish Wedding Presents Room”? 

Mary asked us this question as she led the way through her kitchen, dining room, then past the sewing machines where she was making aprons, and into a long room at the back of the house. Here were tables laden with cooking utensils, a round clothespin contraption, plates….even a propane lamp/table. These, she explained, were […]

Do they REALLY sell mud? 

Well… not exactly. But it’s a long standing tradition in Lancaster County to have mud sales and we guarantee that you haven’t seen anything quite like it. Known as auctions everywhere else, in Lancaster they are simply called “sales”. Throughout the months of February and March, volunteer fire departments from Gap to Intercourse hold these […]

Take Your Romantic Valentine to Lancaster County 

What could be more romantic than a sleepy small town in Lancaster County where the Amish buggies clip-clop by and chimes can be heard from a nearby church? Well, maybe sharing a romantic dinner in a great restaurant, strolling through the art galleries in downtown Lancaster or enjoying the thrill of the hunt for that […]

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A Rotary Mind In A Speed-Dial World 

I’ve been trying to remember when it was, exactly, that technology outdistanced me… probably around 1982. Where do people find the time to keep up with it all? My VCR display still blinks “12:00” 24/7. A blackberry, for me, will always be something to pop into my mouth. Our computer, in my hands, will never […]

Dancing Feet in Lancaster 

Come and meet those dancing feet! Photo by Craig Leaper. I always like to give an experience as part of a Christmas gift. Tickets to a play, dinner out, a getaway - some memory to be made and shared at this special time of year. And so this year I gave both my mom and […]