How Green We Are

We’re excited to announce that we’ve won a Platinum status as a Green Hotel on Trip Advisor for the past two years!

We strive very hard to do our part to respect our environment and be a good steward of the land. Terre Hill has also has the distinction of winning the county award for several years for the most recyling per capita.

Here’s a few steps that we take at the inn:

  • We donate our leftover soaps to Clean the World, or Global Aid Network
  • We return our vases to a local florist; she reuses them.
  • We installed solar panels on the top of our Carriage House in February, 2011.This helps generate power to provide the needs of the all-electric vacation rental
  • Buy local produce from farms – especially the Amish and Mennonite farms
  • Use Vermont Castings propane stoves exclusively to heat, thus reducing our oil consumption by 90% (we still have 2 oil-fired water heaters, but when they “go”, so does the oil)
  • The propane stoves at the Olde Stone Cottage have eliminated our use of oil heat there.
  • Have a Sani-Jet whirlpool tub at the cottage – no need to refill with water to sanitize as there are no pipes in which water can settle.
  • Recycle all #1 through #7 plastic containers, papers,and metal
  • Take used egg cartons back to the egg farmers
  • Take plastic bags to the farm stands to be re-used
  • Installed Energy efficient new windows at The Olde Stone Cottage and The Artist’s Inn
  • Ask guests to reuse their sheets and/or towels.
  • Heat and cool only those rooms that are being used.
  • Use LED  bulbs – even though we hate them and don’t think they will last anywhere near 22 years!
  • Recycle CF bulbs, cell phones and batteries at Lowes
  • Re-use all office paper as scrap
  • Have switched our paper newsletter to an online newsletter; read the local paper online.
  • Grow our own herbs and some veggies.
  • Collect all boxes and haul them away to an Amish farm that will recylcle them into horse mats
  • Shop locally and support small stores
  • Buy local products like flour, sausage, chicken, breads, cheese instead of brands that have been trucked across the country
  • Combine our car trips
  • Ride our bikes
  • Walk to local shopping/banking/post office/church
  • Use a battery lawnmower and mulch grass clippings
  • Do not use any chemicals in yard
  • Collect all garden waste and compost in town center
  • Use vinegar to clean windows, glass and reduce weeds
  • Re-use furniture – all of our antiques have been lovingly used by other generations
  • Regularly donate to Goodwill instead of throwing out