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LANCASTER COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA---In his new book, The Power of Having Desire, author/artist Bruce S. Garrabrandt guides readers to transform their desires into talents and make themselves works of art.

            According to Garrabrandt, everyone has potential talents and abilities, but few choose to develop them.  “If all the world’s a stage,” he says, “then most of us prefer to be part of the scenery.  But we’re not here to decorate the set—we’re here to act!”

            With good humor and common sense, Garrabrandt helps readers to recognize their innate gifts, formulate goals, and act on them with disciplined  perseverance.  “Each of us has contributions to make here,” he says, “beginning now.  All the power and possibility of any life is distilled into the present moment.  Do nothing and it evaporates.”

            Garrabrandt encourages readers to view life as a gift available for a limited time only.  “The bad news is that we’re made of clay,” he says.  “The good news is that we can sculpt ourselves into works of art.”

            The Power of Having Desire offers creative ways to find time each day for personal development and the pursuit of one’s dreams.  Garrabrandt teaches readers to silence the “inner critic” of negativity and transform the mind into a “jungle gym for imagination.”  His book addresses the crippling problem of procrastination, exploring the fears and insecurities which keep us from enjoying fulfilling lives.

            Garrabrandt is an author, professional artist, and veteran public speaker.   He and his wife, Jan, own and operate The Artist’s Inn & Gallery in Lancaster County, PA.