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LANCASTER COUNTY, PA—“The key to overcoming life’s challenges and setbacks is to keep a healthy sense of humor,” says professional artist Bruce Garrabrandt, author of the new book, The Power of Having Desire.

            Garrabrandt sees humor as a personality trait essential to our sanity.   “It’s our internal mechanic,” he says.  “Humor inspects, adjusts, and lubricates our mental machinery to keep it in good working order.”

            The author’s own sense of humor is revealed in his work as a professional artist.  He specializes in creating what he describes as “random acts of artistic nonsense,” whimsical colored pencil drawings of animals, bearing titles such as Van Goat, Grandma Mooses, and Rambrandt.

            Garrabrandt discusses the importance of humor in his new book.  “When we maintain a spirit of playfulness,” he writes, “it keeps alive that child-like sense of awe and wonder about life and our own potential as human beings.  Humor cultivates our imagination and nurtures our creative spontaneity.”

            The author says the ability to laugh can be a genuine life preserver, citing the story of one of his heroes, Abraham Lincoln.  Lincoln was plagued by chronic depression, he lost two of his sons to childhood diseases, suffered with a mentally unstable wife, and presided over a nation being torn apart by war.  His sense of humor was, in a very real sense, his lifeline.  He once told his cabinet members, ‘If I could not laugh I would die.’”