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LANCASTER COUNTY, PA—In his new book, The Power of Having Desire, artist-turned-author Bruce Garrabrandt paints a revealing portrait of what it takes to develop our unique gifts and enjoy a lifetime of personal fulfillment. 

            “Most of the obstacles we face in life are self-imposed,” says the artist.  “My primary reason for writing this book was to identify the roadblocks to success, and to offer practical, step-by-step ways to overcome them.” 

            Garrabrandt’s insights are an entertaining mix of common sense and good humor.  He provides readers with the tools needed to create passionate, rewarding lives for themselves.  “We’re all ordinary people in possession of extraordinary potential,” he insists, “fully equipped to move past our fears, insecurities, and failures to live our dreams with confidence.”  

            The Power of Having Desire guides readers to identify their personal desires and commit to them with faith.  “If you can accept, with gratitude, the gift of your life and its possibilities,” says Garrabrandt, “that’s reason enough to pursue excellence always.  Your best defense against defeat in life is gratitude in the present moment.  So long as you still have a pulse, you are full of promise.”

            A professional artist for two decades, Garrabrandt began with no talent for drawing.  He often quotes this line from writer G.K. Chesterton:  “A thing worth doing is worth doing badly.”  By committing to our desires with a disciplined perseverance, says the artist, we invariably see the development of our latent talents and abilities.