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                                        A Local Herb Shop in Lancaster County


 A Culinary Diversion:  The many faces of Herbs

As green spreads across the rolling farmland of Lancaster County, spring brings fresh promises of new beginnings.  On Saturday, May 5, 2012, Lancaster County Tours will guide tourists and locals on a path sure to please all five senses.

With the help of local experts and nurseries,explore all facets of herbs – starting with aesthetically pleasing additions to gardens, whether in containers, traditional herb gardens or intermingled with favorite perennial partners.

Learn the medicinal properties, new ways to use both the fragrance and taste of herbs and finish the day with a feast of a five-course herb-inspired dinner at one of the best restaurants.

Not to be overlooked is the obvious “green” benefit of growing your own herbs and having them at hand whenever the inspiration arrives to make your own salad dressing, marinade, seasoning, or add an element of crisp flavor to a dish. The fresh quality will certainly be the favored alternative to driving to the local store and buying plastic-encased herbs that have sat in warehouses, trucked across several states, or shipped from outside the country.

The package is offered at $150 per person and includes all tours, tastings, lunch, dinner and transportation. The event is open to the public. To book your room, call Jan Garrabrandt at 888-999-4479 This tour is held in conjunction with our friends at Lancaster County Tours.