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LANCASTER COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA—“Passion and perseverance are no substitutes for talent—they are parents to it.”  In his new book, The Power of Having Desire, artist/author Bruce Garrabrandt describes these qualities as two of the five elements essential for successful living, and explores the reasons why most people fail to embrace them and achieve their dreams.

            “Life serves us all a wonderful hot fudge sundae,” says Garrabrandt, “but few people come anywhere near to finishing it.  Most never get beyond the whipped cream topping.  Some spend their time searching for a napkin to polish the spoon.”  The artist believes most people fail to nurture their potential talents and abilities because they undervalue themselves.  “Each of us has significant contributions to make here,” he says, “but first we need to change the way we view ourselves.”

            Garrabrandt’s new book has been endorsed by Dr. Laura Schlessinger, internationally syndicated radio host and best-selling author.  The Power of Having Desire reveals an important truth,” she says.  “You are the ultimate architect of your own destiny.”  Bil Keane, creator of The Family Circus cartoon, describes the book as “a masterful treatment of the values of faith, hope and love.”  Dr. Benjamin S. Carson, professor and director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center and author, says the book is “a humorous, yet deeply analytical look at the potential that is found in each of us.  This is not only interesting reading, but it is quite uplifting.”