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LANCASTER COUNTY, PA—“No one stands the test of time by remaining seated,” says author/artist Bruce Garrabrandt.  “You can’t make a deep impression on others while making a deep impression on your couch.”

            In his new book, The Power of Having Desire, Garrabrandt says we are limited only by time and how we use it.  He suggests that we forget about what we’re going to do “someday,” and focus instead on what we are doing now.

            “We’re all familiar with the clich´┐Ż, ‘Knowledge is power,’” says the author, “but that really isn’t true.  Knowledge alone does nothing for us.  Only when we apply knowledge can it hold any real power for us.  Knowledge may be the fuel of power, but we still need to start the engine of action.”

            Garrabrandt believes it’s useless to dwell on any desired end if we’re not willing to take steps toward that end.  He describes “positive thinking” without positive action as just wishful thinking.  “We need to get off our assets and take action toward the achievement of our dreams,” he says.

            The Power of Having Desire details some of these actions.  They include continuing our education, making time for our dreams, and seeking out mentors who can give us insight and guidance. 

            “Your best employment opportunity is now,” Garrabrandt tells readers.  “It’s never too late to act; it’s always too late not to.”