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LANCASTER, PA—“Genius doesn’t explode upon the scene from nowhere,” says artist Bruce Garrabrandt, author of the new book, The Power of Having Desire.  “‘Original’ thought always arises from the reworking of earlier thoughts in new and improved ways.  The creation of a wholly original idea is impossible.”

            Garrabrandt says creativity is driven by desire and comes with the imaginative use of that which already exists.  He believes that acquired knowledge, written in our own unique handwriting, i.e., from our own individual perspective, creates “original” thought.

            “One of my heroes is Thomas Edison,” says the artist/author.   “We look at him as a creative genius, but that’s not how he described himself.  Edison said he was more sponge than inventor, absorbing ideas from every source.   ‘My principal business is giving commercial value to the brilliant but misdirected ideas of others,’ he said.”

            A professional artist with no formal training, Garrabrandt wrote The Power of Having Desire to inspire readers to develop their own creative potential. “Creativity is universal,” he argues.  “It’s part of being human.”  He finds “artists” expressing their creative genius in countless ways:  “Teachers, scientists, chefs, surgeons, secretaries, business owners—people in every line of work—demonstrate great artistic abilities.”

            “Your originality and creative genius will emerge,” says Garrabrandt, “with the intelligent use of your mind, time, and effort.  While the adage ‘There’s nothing new under the sun’ is true, your imagination can alter the lighting in new and beautiful ways.”

Contact:  Bruce S. Garrabrandt

1(888) 999-4479






  1. Continue Your Education.  In what subject would you like to experience a stroke of genius?  Study it deeply, until you become a walking encyclopedia.  You’ll discover the truth concerning genius.  Neither glamorous nor original, it takes place when we accumulate borrowed thoughts, then blow the dust off them by refashioning these old ideas in innovative ways.


  1. Break From Habit and Routine.  If you want to get more out of life, you need to get more out of yourself.  The creative spirit of desire is built into our DNA.  To ignore it in favor of comfort and conventional routine is to squander the greatest of gifts.  Mark Twain said, “It’s good to take your mind out now and then and dance on it.  Otherwise, it gets caked up.”  Push out of habit into new, positive directions.  Discover more of your creative self.


  1. Reawaken Your Imagination.  “I don’t have a creative bone in my body,” people say.  Nonsense!  If you were ever five-years-old, you know that all  children are rich with imagination.  Creative spontaneity is part of being human.  We simply need to reawaken and nurture it.


  1. Surround Yourself With the Creativity of Others.  Want a surefire way to get your own creative juices flowing?  Fill your life with great music, books, and art.  Immerse yourself in the creative genius of others.  Creativity is infectious!  Life excites and inspires those who embrace it with a sense of awe and wonder. 


  1. Silence Your Inner Critic.  We have a critic in our heads who may delight in analyzing our creative thoughts only to find fault with them.  Your critic is the part of you which says “it can’t be done” or, “that idea is no good.”  This critic shares cranium space with your child/creator self.  Each needs to know its proper place.  You are their overseer.  Your role in the creative process is to engage each of these two selves at the right time.  In any creative endeavor, you hold the power to keep your adult/critic at arm’s length long enough to give your child/creator free rein.  With patience, time, and practice, you can learn to bring forth more of your creative potential without sabotaging it.



            Excerpted from The Power of Having Desire, by Bruce S. Garrabrandt  �2004.  Published by Possibility Press ($12.95).  Available through the author’s        website,, by phoning toll-free 1(888) 999-4479, or through         your local bookstore.