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LANCASTER COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA—“Few of us do more than care for the surface of our lives,” claims artist/author Bruce Garrabrandt.  “Like thin strips of sod laid over hard clay, we seldom take root and grow deeply.”

            In his new book, The Power of Having Desire, Garrabrandt says that we’re all born fully equipped to enjoy fulfilling lives, yet many people criticize and undervalue themselves in ways their worst enemies would never dream of doing.

            “When life asks us to audition and says, ‘Show us what you can do’,” quips the author, “we manage to position ourselves both on stage and in the audience.  In all too many cases, a timid performer stands in the spotlight to be shouted down by our heckling self seated in the front row.”

            Garrabrandt views “a strong belief in yourself” as the foundation for living a successful, rewarding life.  He argues for the need to be more appreciative of our own and others’ personal potential.  He devotes an entire chapter of his book to practical ways readers can begin to create a more positive self-image.

            “You cannot become a success without the love and support of yourself,” he says, adding, “When you commit to yourself and your desire—with faith—you gain an inner peace which accompanies you on the journey through life.  Though you may encounter rocky periods of disappointment and failure along the way, this feeling of serenity will help to smooth your road and keep you moving forward at a steady, confident pace.”