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LANCASTER COUNTY, PA---“We can’t all enjoy prestigious careers or businesses,” people tell artist/author Bruce Garrabrandt.  “Some of us are destined to collect garbage or work the assembly lines—jobs which don’t exactly make your life as you would like.”

            In The Power of Having Desire, his new personal development book, Garrabrandt says too many people link career or business happiness to professions which seem glamorous.  He thinks we hunger for glamour because it looks attractive and exciting and easily captures our attention.

            “But glamour is always a fluff food,” warns the artist-turned-author.  “Take a bite and feel it dissolve, like cotton candy, on your tongue.  It can’t sustain you,” he says, adding, “You need something more substantial from life’s menu—something more meaningful.”

            Garrabrandt says prestige and glamour are not synonymous with personal fulfillment.  Any job can be rewarding, he insists, when done with the right attitude.  “Your vision makes all the difference,” he argues.  “What you do always holds less significance than how you do it.”

            The artist/author believes people with vision see their work as an opportunity to serve.  He notes that they interact with co-workers and their community on a personal level, knowing that a loving outlook provides deep meaning to what they do.

            “Any activity done with love makes a positive difference,” he says.  “Be kind and compassionate in all you do.  This is your calling—no matter what your job or business.”