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LANCASTER COUNTY, PA---“While you may not be able to add years to your life,” says artist/author Bruce Garrabrandt, “you can add more life to your years—by looking back and learning from those who came before you.”

            In his new book, The Power of Having Desire, Garrabrandt suggests that books can be our personal time machine.  They transport us, he says, to other eras and places where we can meet people who cared enough to put thoughts and ideas into permanent form for our benefit.

            “What a wonderful legacy they have given us!,” says the author.   “Virtually all the genius this world has ever produced is available for us to tap into, learn from, and use for our benefit.”

            Garrabrandt’s personal development book calls on readers to keep learning the ideas of great minds.  “Your own mind will continue to expand as you add centuries of breadth and depth to your life,” the author writes.  “Avail yourself of the countless teachers and leaders this world provides—both past and present.”

            Garrabrandt says he is thankful for all the desire-driven people whose words have touched his life and helped to point the way for him to achieve greater understanding.  He believes that absorbing new ideas and concepts can stimulate anyone’s mind to think more creatively.

            “The list of individuals whose words can enrich our lives is endless,” says the author, adding, “and all that wisdom is reached through a library card.”